Services & Packages

Nutritional Counselling, Meal Planning, Shopping Lists and more…

These packages provide one on one support and training via Skype, email & phone. I’ll help you reach your personal health and wellness goals through personalized education, nutritional advice and meal planning.

Hair Analysis

I recommend this test for everyone as it is the most efficient and reliable method of discovering exactly what is going on within your body. Through this simple process we can discover exactly which minerals you may be deficient in as well any toxic metals your body may be carrying. By correcting the imbalances within the body and flushing out any metal toxicity, you can rid yourself of a variety of health issues some of which include unwanted weight gain, anxiety, depression, arthritis, and skin issues. You will know exactly what your body needs on a cellular level and begin making positive changes immediately!

Food Sensitivity Testing

Underlying food sensitivities can be the cause of many health issues. This test is great for those that feel “gross” after eating certain foods, but have never known why, or for those homes that have a “finicky” eater. Many times “finicky” is just a child’s way of saying that a particular food does not leaving them feeling their best. The test covers over 220 different foods and you will receive a detailed report on the lab findings that I will review with you.

Health Assessment & Planning


  • Health history questionnaire to be filled out and sent back to me to review.
  • Up to 90 minute Skype meeting to discuss your questionnaire and get to know each other.
  • Discussion of long term goals and answer any questions that you may have for me.

“Accountability” Packages

These packages are designed for people that want to ensure they are meeting all their nutritional requirements, while maintaining a healthy body weight and becoming accountable for what they eat. The same packages are offered at an additional fee for those that have specific dietary needs due to health issues.


  • Initial assessment and planning.
  • Weekly shopping list.
  • Weekly meal plan with one new recipe per week for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Assistance with understanding food labels.
  • Assistance with eating healthy while travelling.
  • Weekly 1 hour Skype check in to review progress and goals.
  • Email support Monday-Friday.

4 Week Package

8 Week Package

12 Week Package

2 Week “Rebalance” 

This program is for those clients wanting to restore balance within their bodies by flushing out toxins and yeast while supporting their healthy gut bacteria.


  • Initial assessment.
  • Weekly meal plans.
  • Weekly (up to) 1 hour Skype check in to review progress and goals.
  • Email support Monday-Friday.

Weekly Meal Plan with Shopping List

For those of you looking for healthy meal ideas but don’t want to do the planning, I will do the work for you.


  • Meal plan and shopping list, based on nutritional requirements and goals.