What is DHEA? DHEA is a steroid hormone produced by the liver, brain and gonads. What is DHEA responsible for? Skin elasticity, sexual function, bone metabolism, body composition, immunity, mitochondrial function, central nervous system function, and preventing atherosclerosis. It is believed to be the “anti – aging “hormone. DHEA Highs and Lows – DHEA levels […]

Creative Avoidance and Comfort Zones

I guarantee you have, at some point, creatively avoided a task you did not want to do. Recognizing when and why you are avoiding a certain task is imperative when it comes to achieving your goals. It can mean the difference between success and failure. So, what do I mean by “Creative Avoidance?” Creative avoidance […]

Food Allergies, Sensitivities, and Intolerances

What the heck is the difference? More and more people these days are developing one of these issues it seems. The difference between the three involves the bodies reaction and its severity, and the antibodies produced during these reactions. Food Allergies An allergy is defined as a severe reaction to or response to a specific […]