Looking for a natural, pre workout performance enhancer? Look no farther then your nearest produce section.

Hidden on a shelf amongst all those other healthy veggies lies a secret workout weapon.

In addition to providing a healthy dose of vitamin C, folate, and carbohydrates, beets contain nitrate. Once consumed, this nitrate becomes nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels and provides extra blood flow to your muscles.  This change in blood flow increases the physiological response of fast twitch muscle fibers, resulting in improved performance during high intensity interval training and prolonged aerobic exercise.  It will also provide you with a nice muscle “pump”.

I need to mention that the nitrates found in beets is do not effect the body in the same way as the nitrates we hear about in processed meats.

The nitrates found in sandwich meat etc., come from the preservative’s sodium nitrate or potassium nitrate, which have been linked to colon cancer and heart disease. Because beets are grown fresh and eaten without any type of processing, the nitrate they contain is naturally occurring and does not have the same harmful effects on your health. 500 mg per serving is all you need for a pre workout boost which is the equivalent to 1 large beet.  Fresh is always best, but frozen will work in a pinch. Just prepare them the night before saving the juice and add them to your pre workout shake the next day! Pinch your nose if you have to but give them a try!

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